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Upload your business card to promote yourself and your brand.

Your business card will be printed and given to customers when they buy one of your artworks.

    Upload a large printable PDF image file of your business card


    File quality: Minimum 300 DPI and 1000 px on the shortest side.
    File format: PDF (Adobe RGB color profile).
    Size: Maximum 300mb.
    Open guide for file upload (aimed for posters but is still useful for business cards).

    If the quality/size of your image file is not large enough for printing it will be disapproved.

    The business card aspect ratio should be 1:1.41.

    The business card will be printed in A7 size (7,4 x 10,5 cm).

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    If we approve (or dont approve) your business card you will get notified within 24 hours at this mail adress. You will also get a receipt for your submission.