Terms and conditions when submitting an artwork

These are the terms and conditions which you agree to when submitting an artowork.

Purpleposter is a branch of Kræss and sell artworks as:

  • Kræss Store in Copenhagen
  • Kræss (kraess.dk webshop)
  • Kræss x Purpleposter (kraess.dk/purpleposter webshop and online poster wall designer)
  • Purpleposter (purpleposter.com webshop)

General conditions:

  • The artists takes full responsibility that his/her artworks does not violate any rights (copyright etc.) and is made by him/her. Any legal lawsuits concerning an artwork is the responsibility of the artist and not Purpleposter.
  • Purpleposter has the right to sell your artwork to any customer in any country through Kræss Store (Copenhagen), Kraess.dk, Kraess.dk/purpleposter, Purpleposter.com and any future webshops owned by Purpleposter or Kræss.
  • The artist receive a commission of 30% of the sales price excluding any taxes and VAT for every sale.
  • The artist decide the price of the artworks excluding tax and VAT with guidance from Purpleposter.
  • Purpleposter can discount the any poster for sale in a limited time period. The artist commission will be deducted before the discount and the artist will get paid the same as if the poster was sold at the regular price.

Taxes and VAT affects the sales price according to buyers location:

  • Taxes and VAT will be included in the sale price of your artworks according to customer shipping address relative to Purpleposters company adress and production facility which is based in Denmark, Europe (EU).
  • Prices are displayed including taxes and VAT on the customer shopping page and in our physical store.
  • All taxes and VAT is handled by Purpleposter and is not a part of the artists commission (is not split), and artist commission will be deducted excluding any taxes and VAT.

Earning and payout:

  • The commission is calculated every 1st day of the month for all sales that are more than 40 days old (or older) and has not yet been paid (or returned by the customer).
  • The commission is transferred to the artist bank account every third bank day each month. Any transfer fee in connection with the transfer will be deducted from the artist commission.
  • The payout is accompanied with a withdrawal invoice with a full list of his/her orders and commission (earnings) for the artist to use in her/his accounting. The withdrawal invoice can be downloaded in the store-manager at any time.
  • The invoice does not include any taxes or VAT.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to account his/her commission correctly according to his/her country tax laws. Purpleposter cannot be held responsibility for any poorly bookkeeping or fraud by the artist.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to submit his/her bank account information in the store-manager in order to have his/her commission transferred. If the banktransfer has any fees it will be deducted from the artist payout.
  • Purpleposter has a 30 day return policy in which the customer can return his/her purchase and the artist commission will be rolled back.

Other conditions:

  • Purpleposter can denounce the collaboration with the artist and stop selling his/her posters at any time with immediate effect.
  • The artist can denounce the collaboration by informing Purpleposter through email and Purpleposter will stop selling his/her posters within 7 days from the notice.
  • Purpleposter may update these terms and conditions at any time upon which the artist will get notified by email. Is the artist do not agree to the updated terms and conditions they are free to denounce the collaboration with the Purpleposter.
  • Purpleposter reserves the right to change name and webshop at any time.
  • Purpleposter is a part of Kræss and should be considered as one.
  • Purpleposter can use the artist submitted artwork in any promotion (etc. online advertisement and magasins).
  • Purpleposter can not be held responsible for any error/flawls in the print, price, title, description, copyright issues or marketing material regarding the artwork submitted by the artist.

Conditions when submitting an artwork:

  • Your artwork submission needs to be approved by Purpleposter before we print, sell and promote it.
  • Your submission can be rejected for a number of reasons: etc. quality, motif and copyrights.
  • Your poster may only be approved and printed for some of your desired poster sizes becaurse of the file quality etc.

When you sign up as a artist or submit a poster at Purpleposter you agree to all of the above terms.