Pricing Guide

Recommended poster price to achieve most sales

You decide the price of your posters. These a just recommended prices.

*Taxes and VAT will be added to the price whe we sell it. Your commission will be deducted excluding taxes and VAT.

The VAT is calculated upon the customer location. Etc. the VAT for Germany is 19% and the sale price for a 20€ poster would show as 23.8€ in the webshop. In our Copenhagen Store (Denmark) the VAT is 25%. For the rest of 2022 VAT is set to 25% for all customers regardless of their location.

Size : Recommended price

A4 (21×29,7 cm.): 20.99€

Minimum: 14.99€ and maximum 99.99€

A3 (29,7×42 cm.): 31.99€

Minimum: 19.99€ and maximum 139.99€

30×30: 23.99€

Minimum: 16.99€ and maximum 109.99€

30×40: 31,99€

Minimum: 19.99€ and maximum 139.99€

40×50: 42.99€

Minimum: 26.99€ and maximum 159.99€

A2 (42×59,4 cm.): 47.99€

Minimum: 29.99€ and maximum 169.99€

If you choose to price your posters at a lower price you will most likely sell more. However if you are confident people will buy your posters despite a higher price point, when don’t go to low. You can always change the price later.