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About the artist

Art for me is about intuition. It is a free space where there is nothing right or wrong.

I work on a daily basis as a freelance in design and art, which is carried out in many different media. I was originally trained in textile design, but enjoy exploring the interplay of different materials and colors. At the moment, I am particularly interested in installation art, where it is about space and atmosphere, which is also something I take with me into my posters, where in each poster a space is created.

My works never have a fixed meaning or message, it is up to the viewer what meaning it is given. I like working both digitally and analogously, and exploring how the two things often lift each other. A source of inspiration for me is, among other things, looking at the interplay of colors in nature or everyday surroundings.

The inspiration often comes to me in ‘close-ups’. I am very fascinated by how elements that at a long distance do not show potential change expression when you look closer. It can be color shades in a broken stone, structures in a leaf, reflections in the water or the splitting of light through a glass. For me, art is fluid, the inspiration can come from many different places and be carried out in many different media.

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