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Tips & Tricks for your poster wall

These tips will help you create a beautiful poster wall

1. Start by placing the posters in the middle and build out: if you want a loose edge and the picture wall should look “random”

2. Start by placing the posters in the corners: if you want a “tight / fixed” picture wall.

3. Do not place posters in the same color shades next to each other: Distribute the colors.

4. Use different size posters: Distribute the sizes.

5. Use different frames: Mix wood and aluminum or use a magnetic poster list for one of the posters.

6. Diversion: Complement your poster wall with a wallcarpet or plant with organic shapes -  so that it does not all become wood and metal.

7. The distance between the posters should be roughly the same.

8. Use posters with different printing methods: Mix eg risoprints, linoleum prints and analog prints.