Kræss or Purpleposter collab

We can offer two ways of collaboration for designers.

1. “Mediation fee sale” (comission) with designers with registered companies.

Designers either bring/send their artworks or we print them for them. We take a 60 percentage commission for prints we do not print and a 70 percentage commission for prints we do the print ourself (we have a good setup).All artworks are showcased in our Copenhagen store and webshop.

In this case the Designer is the “seller”. All designs in our store are still owned by the Designer and Kræss only “holds” the profit of a potential sale. We then take a cut (mediation fee) of the profit and send the money to the designer.
The Designer will be a part of Kræss sales-system where she/he can view all her/his orders and designs. The system automatically sends invoices to their customers and the Designer can find all invoices for accounting purposes or an overview to just do the accounting once or twice a year.

The good thing about this is: The designers does not need to send Kræss an invoice when selling. The mediation fees are automatically deducted and an invoice from Kræss to the Designer for the mediation fees is automatically sent to the Dessinger as well as the profit of the sale.

Basically the system does the accounting and the Designer can just keep sending artworks for selling and fetch her/his total sales number for her/his companies financial accounting when needed.
This system is in the Danish language.

2. We can do it the easy way with Kræss x Purpleposter.

You can be a part of Kræss x Purpleposter Artist collaboration. This is especially for artists who maybe does not live close by our shop, do not want to print themselves or does not have a company.
We will be a part of Kræss x Purpleposter salesystem for artists and be able to showcase and sell your work both in Kræss Copenhagen store and our webshop.

When we create you in our system you will be able to submit posters for us to print. You will receive a commission of 30% of the sales price excl. VAT.

We print in great quality and an “upload guide” is provided for you. We will help you through we process and you decide which artworks to sell (or take offline) as well as the price etc. Also you keep all rights to all of your artworks.You can upload an artwork and we will be able to sell it shortly after. We will also do a test print to check quality and colors.
Your profit is paid to you each month. You will not receive an invoice and it is your responsibility to report taxes according to your resident country laws.

You can read more about Kræss x Purpleposter here:

Let me know if one of this possible ways of collaboration sounds interesting to you and feel free to ask any question 🙂

We are looking forward to be hearing from you

Br Jonatan & Erica