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We print, sell and promote your artworks.

You receive a commission of 30% for every artwork you sell.

Follow your sales, reviews and other stats in your dashboard.

Basically we do all the boring stuff and all you need to do is be creative and make beautiful art.

Submit an application to join our community of artists and sell your artworks to art lovers all around the world.

Our team will go through you artworks and see if it is a good fit with our universe of artworks. Not all artists applications will be approved – regardless of quality and popularity.

You will receive an answer within 48 hours.

Before you submit your application you should know:

Your artworks should be ready to print for at least A4 size and maximum 100×100 cm.

You receive a commission from every sale (30% of the full price excluding taxes and VAT).

You decide the price of your artworks You can track your sales, customers, popularity and much more in our store-manager.

We payout your sales every 30 day to your bank account.

No taxes and VAT will be billed upon payout. It is your responsibility to report and do accounting according to your resident country laws.

This application form is not a final agreement

Upon sending your application we will evaluate your artworks. If we find that you are a good fit to we will send further information regarding commission and terms before you can finally agree to join

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    Before sending the application we have to make sure you are not a robot - because we think humans makes better art!