Color profile

1. The print (Adobe RGB)

The Printer can use Adobe Color profile which has more/richer color space than sRGB and therefore is best.

All prints are sent as PDF with Adobe RGB color profile

Prints are opened in Photoshop and checked for correct color-profile (Adobe RGB), resolution and aspect ratio.

The print is saved as .PSD and opened in lightroom.

The print is color-corrected and edited in Lightroom

The print(s) are printed in Lightroom (setup more prints per sheet = effientcy).

2. The webshop (sRGB)

Most monitors (smartphones, computers etc.) can only show sRGB. It is best to let Pohotshop convert images with Adobe RGB color profile into sRGB rather than put a Adobe RGB image online and let the smartphone decide what to do.

The print is exported in Lightroom as a maximum resolution .JPG with Adobe RGB color profile

The print is placed on “Lodret-Plakat-Skabelon” file for (print shown in frame). This file has Adobe RGB color profile.

The image is exported as .JPG (maximum 100kb) with convert to sRGB color space. The file name should end with “-highres.jpg”

Create a 72ppi 500×700 px canvas with Adobe RGB color profile. Place the maximum resolution .JPG files (with Adobe RGB color profile). Fit the prints to fill the canvas and the image is exported as .JPG (maximum 30kb) with convert to sRGB color space. The file name should be the same as the above (without “-highres”).

All “Setting images” should be with sRGB color profile (maximum 100 kb).